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Electric has
gone Audi.

Rent the Audi e-tron® Sportback

Audi performance.

With a powerful, all-electric drivetrain and assertive design, the Audi e-tron® Sportback is the essence of perfection.

  • Cargo volume 54.5 cu-ft with rear seats folded
  • Seat capacity 5
  • EPA-estimated range up to 218 mi View key range info
  • power-large Horsepower 402 hp (With Boost Engaged)***
  • torque-large Torque 490 lb-ft (With Boost Engaged)***
  • velocity-large Acceleration 0-60 mph 5.5 sec (With Boost Engaged)***
  • quattro-large All-Wheel Drive e-quattro®

How to charge

Open port

Place vehicle in park, turn off, and engage parking-break. With doors unlocked, push button next to e-tron® logo to open panel.

Plug in & relax

The light will pulse green when charging and remain solid once charge is complete.

Unplug & drive

Push the button next to the charging port to unlock the cable. Remove cable and be on your way.

See how it works

Watch video

Charger types

View key charging info


Level 1 AC 120V

Convenient for home or local driving use.

Charging locations

  • 64ADD795-0EAE-4D6A-8D1F-FAB5B32DCD34 home

Charge time 18-20 hrs


Level 2 AC 240V

Achieve a partial to complete charge in 5-8 hrs.

Charging locations

  • 64ADD795-0EAE-4D6A-8D1F-FAB5B32DCD34 home
  • 939A50DC-1F81-4820-94A7-AED1981BC5E0 public

Charge time 5-7 hrs


Level 3 DC 480V+

Ideal for longer journeys requiring short stops.

Charging locations

  • 939A50DC-1F81-4820-94A7-AED1981BC5E0 public

Charge time 30 mins*


Heading out of town?

Plan your roadtrip charging route with Electrify America, a network of cross-country, fast-charging stations that allow you to recharge on long trips or in metro areas.

Visit Electrify America


Staying close to home?

ChargePoint is the world’s largest EV charging network. More importantly, their stations are where you are- at home, at work or just around town.

Visit ChargePoint

Need more info on charging?

Discover charging tips, reviews, and photos when you access PlugShare, an aggregator that maps out all available EV public charging stations in your area and on the road.

Visit PlugShare


Frequently asked questions

  • No fees will be applied as long as you bring your e-tron back with more than 10% total charge, though it is recommended you keep the vehicle between 20% and 80% charge for the most optimal experience.

    If you bring the e-tron back with less than 10% charge, Audi on demand may charge a $100 administrative fee.

  • The recommended charging ceiling is 80%, as charging the battery beyond 80% takes significantly longer than charging up to 80% in most cases. However, if you have the time and need the additional range, you can set the charging limit higher in the e-tron’s multimedia interface.

  • The e-tron’s multimedia interface can be used to find charging stations along your route. Our cars also have a portable charging cable, located in the front trunk that must be returned at the end of the rental.

  • No, Audi vehicle uses the CCS or Combined Charging System standard plug which is not compatible with Tesla Level 2 or DC Fast Charging stations.

  • For a full list of FAQ’s, visit our support site

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