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How do I use Audi on demand?

Using Audi on demand is simple and easy, the way car rental is meant to be.

First, reserve online at by selecting your pickup location, preferred dates, and vehicle. You provide your own insurance and we won’t upsell you on additional packages or perks. Get a great Audi every time — no mystery models or brands!

Please note: we can’t guarantee availability for a reservation made within 2 hours of your desired pick-up time.

Upon arriving at the location, simply ask the reception desk for Audi on demand or follow the signs. A rental expert will go through a handful of checks that take only a few minutes: review the vehicle with you, confirm your insurance, scan your ID, present a digital rental agreement, and then hand over the keys. No counters, long lines, or paperwork — everything is digital and hassle free!

Car return is seamless. Re-fueling is entirely optional — if you skip it, we only charge the market rate for the gas you used, plus a flat $9.95 service fee. To complete your rental, just return to the designated drop-off site. Upon returning the car, your reservation will end and you will receive an e-receipt via email.

Normal operating hours vary by location. Please check the location-specific FAQs for operating hour information.

One of our rental experts will be on-hand at all times to assist you when accessing or returning the Audi on demand vehicle. If you have questions or issues at any time, contact the dealership you picked up at or reach out to Audi on demand Support.