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How do I contact Audi on demand Customer Support?

For prompt attention before, during, or after your rental for such things as reservations, account information, or roadside assistance:  

To contact a live Audi on demand customer service representative during regular business hours, use the chat feature or click on the chat bubble in the bottom left corner.

Submit a request at any time and expect a prompt response within one day.

For specific pick up assistance upon arrival: please open your Audi on demand app to find pickup instructions and to notify us of your arrival. We communicate via text and will send you instructions before you arrive, but feel free to text any questions for a direct response.

To contact a specific Audi on demand location, check out our location information here.

If you are in an accident and need medical attention, please dial 911 first!

To speak with a customer service representative please call 1-855-359-2227