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What is Audi on demand’s Billing Policy and Grace Period for returns past the reservation’s scheduled return time?

Audi on demand’s grace period is 59 minutes. Your 24 hour rental period begins at the time you actually pick up your Audi on demand. If you find you need to extend your rental and return later than originally expected, you can modify your reservation in the Audi on demand application.

Beyond the initial grace period, charges will apply as follows:

60 – 119 minutes = 25% of the daily rate

120 – 179 minutes = 50% of the daily rate

180 – 239 minutes = 75% of the daily rate

240 minutes or more = 100% of the daily rate.

Additional rate charges are subject to applicable taxes and fees.

If you have other questions about extending your rental or making other arrangements for car return, feel free to contact your Audi on demand location.

You can always receive 24/7 assistance by submitting a request.