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Understanding My Audi on demand Receipt

We promise no hidden fees, and for transparency and convenience, we make the detailed price breakdown of what you can expect to pay for your Audi on demand rental available to you at the time of booking. You can find this detail within your reservation information.

The only charges we cannot predict and show at the time of booking are for use of fuel, tolls and extra hours of use beyond your original reservation. Please note that additional charges may also result in higher taxes and airport fees, which we detail below. Receipts are emailed to you shortly after you return your rental. Although you can expect to find the same charges on your receipt as you saw on your detailed price quote, here’s a quick and painless primer on Audi on demand’s rental invoice:

Daily Rate (contained in the quoted price breakdown): This is the base rate before any discounts, taxes or airport fees are applied. The daily rate is based on a rolling 24 hour period from the time you start your rental. The Daily Rate total charge can change depending on how long you actually keep the car – shorter duration means you will pay less than the quote and longer duration will result in additional charges.

Discount (contained in the quoted price breakdown if a discount has been applied): This will show up on your receipt if you used a promotional code or received a customer service discount.

Fuel (not contained in the quoted price breakdown): If you used our fair fueling promise and did not fill up the tank before returning your Audi on demand, you will see the gallons of gas you are being charged for plus the price per gallon and the $9.95 convenience fee. Please note: we adjust our fuel prices regularly to reflect the local gas price and use premium fuel as required by Audi. If you decide to fill up on your own, there will be no $9.95 fee, but we ask you to please use premium fuel as required by Audi.

Protection Coverage (contained in the quoted price breakdown): If you chose to purchase rental protection coverage through Audi on demand, you will see that charge here.

Fees and Concessions (contained in the quoted price breakdown): This is where you will see charges such as a Vehicle License Recovery Fee, or facility and transportation fees that we are required to collect from you and pay the appropriate outside entities. We don’t keep any of these fees and not all locations have the same fee requirements. The majority of these fees are based on a percentage of total customer spend, so if you incur additional charges during your rental, these fees may differ from your original quoted price.

Taxes (contained in the quoted price breakdown): Taxes are based on the requirements of the jurisdiction in which we do business and therefore will vary by location. Taxes typically include some variation of state, local (usually a venue tax) or county taxes. Again, we pay what we collect from you to the taxing authority, and taxes are based on a percentage of your total charges.

Penalties or Ancillary Fees (not contained in the quoted price breakdown): If you incur a penalty such as that for smoking in the vehicle or other rental agreement violations, OR you agree to a convenience charge such as a one-way fee or special delivery, you will find this charge here.

Tolls (not contained in the quoted price breakdown):  If you incurred any toll charges while driving a Audi on demand, within 11 days you can expect an adjusted receipt showing the tolls that you have been charged for and a one-time administrative fee of $4.95.