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Traffic Violations & Parking Tickets

Parking tickets and traffic violations issued during the rental period are the financial responsibility of the renter. Any and all charges for parking or traffic tickets that go unpaid are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. In turn, Audi on demand will charge the renters’ credit card for all fees associated to the unpaid parking or traffic ticket plus a service charge for each unpaid item. To avoid such fees, the renter will need to pay any ticket directly to the issuing municipality upon receiving the ticket.

By default, Audi on demand transfers all responsibility concerning parking and traffic violations to the renter of the vehicle. According to Section 16 of the Rental Agreement, the renter is responsible for any and all parking or traffic violations that occur during the rental period. In such cases, Audi on demand charges the renter an administration fee to transfer the violation, and the renter will be responsible for paying the actual violation in a separate settlement with the proper Authorities.

Some authorities require Audi on demand to pay for the traffic fine. In that case, Audi on demand will charge the amount of the traffic fine + an administration fee.

Common Citation Questions

How do you know that I generated this violation or toll?

This notice was sent based upon the date, time, and vehicle plate provided to us from the issuing municipality.

Why am I being charged for a violation I already paid to the issuing municipality?

If you received a Notice of Charges for your parking/traffic violation, and you paid the amount due for the violation prior to the due date stated on the violation citation or ticket that was left on the rental vehicle, you may qualify for a waiver of the parking violation amount and the administrative fee, or a refund if we already charged your credit card.

To initiate the process, you will be required to provide/upload proof-of-payment made to the issuing authority or the rental car company. Valid proof includes a receipt, a bank statement, or the front and back of your canceled check. Upon receipt and verification of adequate proof, we will be able to credit your outstanding balance. If you paid the issuing authority directly, but not before the due date stated on the parking violation citation or ticket, you will be entitled to a refund of the amount paid to the issuing authority, but not of the administrative fee. 

Can you send me the actual violation?

The email we sent you includes details about the date and time, as well as the location of the incident. However, since we typically receive only electronic notifications – which reduce processing expenses and time delays – paper copies of tickets may not be available.

Why have I received a letter directly from local authorities about a violation?

In some locations, Audi on demand works with local authorities to transfer liability for violations to the responsible car rental customer. When this occurs, customers pay for their violations directly to the local authorities. However, our standard administrative fee still applies. 

Why am I being charged now after my rental period has ended?

We depend on government agencies for all information related violations. In most cases, that takes one to four weeks – although, in some circumstances, it may take even longer. Our goal is to notify you so that you are alerted as soon as possible. Under the terms and conditions in your rental agreement, you are responsible for all costs, fines, violations as well as an administrative fee we charge for processing and billing.

Why am I getting multiple bills for the same rental period?

Our billing system notifies you about each violation individually.

Why are you charging me a fee?

We apply this fee to all costs we incur for citations and their administration.

How can I pay my citation?

If we were unable to transfer the citation into your name:

  • We will directly charge that credit card listed on your rental agreement; there is no need to do anything else.

If we were unable to charge your credit card on file:

  • Please log into your Audi on demand Profile and update your payment card information. Then email us

If we transferred the citation into your name:

  • You can wait until you receive the new citation in your name and then pay according to the instructions enclosed with the citation.
  • If you choose to Pay the violation immediately, the citation will be closed, and you will not receive any further notifications.
  • If you choose to Contest the citation, please wait until you have received the citation in your name. Otherwise, all correspondence will continue to be received by Audi on demand as the Registered owners, and you may miss important information or dates.

What happens if I fail to pay?

Failure to pay your account in full may cause the following to occur:

  • Your account may be sent to a collection agency.
  • Your ability to rent a vehicle from Audi on demand in the future may be affected.
  • Penalties may be assessed.

I don’t remember getting a ticket while renting the vehicle.

Not all issuing authorities place a paper ticket on the rental vehicle, including, for example, where a photo-enforcement traffic violation ticket was issued against the rented vehicle.

Although I rented the vehicle, I was not driving at the time the violation occurred.

All renters are responsible for traffic and parking violations, fines, and penalties incurred during the rental period, and for related administrative fees. Please refer to your Rental Agreement.

I was unaware I was taking responsibility for traffic and parking violations, and administrative fees when I rented a vehicle.

All renters are responsible for tolls, traffic and parking violations, fines, and penalties incurred during the rental period, and for related administrative fees. Please refer to Section 16 of your Rental Agreement.

What is a Transfer of Liability?

A Transfer of Liability transfers liability for a toll or violation from the owner of the car, the Rental Car Company, to the person responsible for the vehicle at the time of the toll or violation, the renter.

I was not stopped by a police officer, why am I being charged for a ticket?

Some municipalities have adopted video/photo radar services, allowing for moving violations to be captured by a camera. The owner is identified by the license plate and notified by mail and billed for the infraction. As per the terms of the rental contract, these charges, plus an administrative fee per event, is billed to the credit card on file, if a transfer of liability is not available. 

How can I avoid the Administrative Fee?

If you receive a parking ticket on the windshield, please pay or contest the ticket immediately.  If you choose to pay the ticket rather than dispute it, be sure to keep a copy of your payment receipt for your records. If Audi on demand should receive notice of any parking violations, we will attempt to transfer the ticket to you, and you will be responsible for paying or contesting the ticket. If we cannot transfer the ticket, Audi on demand will bill you the amount of the ticket plus a processing fee of $50.

Camera violations read license plates and automatically bill the ticket to the person or company that owns the vehicle, so Audi on demand will receive the ticket and either transfer the ticket to you or pay the ticket and bill the amount to your credit card on file plus the $50 administrative fee.

Why did I get charged an administrative Toll Fee?

If a toll is assessed via an automatic toll charge system, whether using the tag in the

vehicle, the vehicle’s license plate or some other method, the actual tolls incurred will be billed to you plus a one-time administrative fee of $4.95. While we strive to charge tolls when you return the vehicle, some agencies take longer to process tolls, in which case those charges, and the administrative fee, may be billed to your credit card at a later date.

You are responsible for payment of all tolls assessed to the vehicle during the rental period (e.g., toll roads, bridges, etc.). There will be no administrative fee charged if you do not use an automatic toll charge system.